Kingmaker: Guardians of the Greenbelt

That Mite Be a Problem

The responsibility of rulers shadows the PC's actions, and lends new dimensions to their adventures

23 Gozren – After defeating the Rivet Lord, inclement weather forces them to hole up in the ruined fortress. They explore it, note its strengths and weaknesses, and find stockpiled equipment and treasure but no food. They sit, and discuss, and in that moment, with the storm howling around them as if the land disapproved, come up with a name for their new kingdom: Denroth. The PC’s decide to found their capital using the ruined fort as a base, a wise choice as it is an easily defensible location, centrally located for ease of both government and trade with a healthy distance from the border of Brevoy. They decide to call their new capital ‘Five Towers’, after the five of them. It’s oddly appropriate as the ruined Taldan castle also has five towers.

24 Gozren – The PC’s travel north to the ford that spans the junction of the Thorn and Shrike rivers.

25 Gozren – The PC’s travel hard along the Thorn river, making good time towards Oleg’s trading post.

26 Gozren – The PC’s arrive at Olegs, and are surprised by how large the migrant camp has become. While some regulars greet them, many of the migrants do not recognize the folks who are slated to become their rulers. They arrive at Oleg’s post, and are welcomed not only by Svetlana Leveton, who is now a marshal, but by Lord Malen Zor, a Swordlord of Restov.

Lord Zor has supper with the PC’s, and outlines their new responsibilities. Brevoy will supply people, equipment and funds for the establishment of the new kingdom of Denroth, and the PC’s will fulfill their charter of establishing a pocket kingdom to the south of Brevoy in order to keep its southern border safe. Lord Zor indicates that the PC’s are welcome to employ Svetlana’s talents but to bear in mind that she is now a Marshal of Brevoy and has been designated by Lord Zor as the Brevic embassador to Denroth.

That night, the camp erupts into wild joy and feasting as the news spreads – the migrants are to start moving towards Five Towers!

Game note: The first month of Denroth begins. Ithus is nominated the ruler. Until the capital is officially founded (and the size of the kingdom grows to 1) there are no stability checks or consumption costs. The treasure currently contains 50 build points.

01 Desnan – The dawn of a new month. The PC’s have a roundtable with Svetlana. Despite the PC’s misgivings and desire to explore more of the land before settlement actively starts, Svetlana points out that the migrants have been waiting two months now to move and patience is running in short supply. Svetlana offers to lead the small trained core of militia that the PC’s have set up to escort the migrants south while the PC’s continue their exploration. The PC’s reluctantly agree. Satarbish sends a messanger out to former friends in Galt, the order for masterwork weapons is put in (reward from delivering Falgrim Sneeg’s head).

02 Desnan – The PC’s head back south into the Greenbelt. The migrant convoy leaves the trading post, and is expected to reach Five Towers by mid-month.

04 Desnan – The PC’s explore a hex loaded with fangberries. The berry bushes are loaded with webs and swarms of chew spiders, which they give a wide berth.

05 Desnan – Rain. The PC’s push further south, exploring the western shores of the Tuskwater. They encounter a gnomish explorer, Jubilost Narthropple, who along with his team is exploring the Greenbelt. After rescuing ponies from a cart trapped in the stream (but unfortunately losing the cart), Narthropple and the PC’s start trading information about potential exploration sites. The PC’s receive word of a Kobold encampment, an old barrow, an undead guardian on the Shrike and a few other sites of interest.

06 Desnan – Heavy Rain. The PC’s push to the marshes that gird the western shores of the Tuskwater, looking for a witch that Narthropple reported living here. They encounter the witch and after soothing her initially hostile attitude sit down and speak with her. Referring to herself as the Old Beldame, she reveals herself to be a former lover of Bokken’s and responsible for his current curse, her fey gift suddenly emerging after Bokken broke her heart. She mentions that Bokken’s brother, his murdered, lives nearby, now insane. She mentions a few dangers south of her (Lizardfolk and Wisps, mostly) and asks the PC’s to keep an eye out for Blackcaps, which she uses for a tea).

07-09 Desnan – The PC’s travel north, exploring some terrain that turns out to be empty and passing through already known land as they cross the Shrike-Thorn ford and continue following the Shike.

10 Desnan – The PC’s fight, and defeat, a worg who had been menacing the area, known as ‘Howl-of-the-North-Wind’. They put an end to his howling and those of his pack.

11 Desnan – The PC’s explore some otherwise empty grasslands.

12 Desnan – Moving near the south bank of the Shrike, the PC’s make an unexpected discovery – a strange lump of metal in the center of the crater. Smoking hot, and seemingly from something manufactured, the item radiates incredible heat and makes ill anyone who approaches it. The PC’s decide to mark the location and move on.

13 Desnan – The PC’s explore and ancient barrow. After fighting bat swarms, slipping (or swimming?) in guano, and fighting off swarms of skeletons the PC’s come face to face with an ancient risen warlord known as the Lonely Warrior. The fight is nasty but the PC’s emerge victorious, leaving the barrow with a potentially useful, but still broken, feybane rapier.

14 Desnan – The PCs explore some rolling hills to the south of the Shrike, but find nothing of note. The migrants who set south from Oleg’s arrive at five towers, and start setting up temporary encampments. Svetlana opens the castle to make it ready for the return of Denroth’s rulers, and finding some old and decomposing corpses, orders them thrown into a common pit and burnt.

15 Desnan – The PC’s come across Nettle’s Crossing, and Nettle himself, now an undead revenant who refuses to let anyone cross until he is given the body or helm of the Rivet Lord to assuage the vengeance his spirit yearns for. With Five Towers a mere day’s ride away using a fast horse, Clare volunteers to ride hard for their new capital and recover the Rivet Lord’s corpse, unaware that it is now unrecognizable cinders in a fire pit.

16 Desnan – The PC’s camp. Clare finds out that the Rivet Lord’s corpse is now so much ash. Annoyed, she scoops up the ash and rides out.

17 Desnan – Clare returns and offers the ashes to Nettles, who is unsatisfied. The PC’s decide to cross anyhow, and Satarbish nearly loses his life when Nettles attacks. They defeat Nettles, but know he will be back. The PC’s attempt to cross the Shrike, and Ithus nearly loses his life in the powerful waters. They ultimately leave most of the horses behind but manage to make the crosssing. That night, Satarbish is visited by Netttle’s spirit in his dreams, and wakes up fatigued.

18 Desnan – The PC’s head north and find an ancient, dead sycamore tree that dominates the grasslands around it. Searching the tree reveals a hidden shaft that leads to a lair of Mites, repulsive and ugly evil blue fey who form symbiotic relationships with vermin. They rescue a kobold named Mikmek, who offers to lead the PC’s back to the Kobold’s lair if they help him recover an old statuette. The PC’s agree, visions of forming an alliance with the Kobolds in their heads, but Temujen, the group’s druid and a gnome, has other plans. During a pitched fight with giant centipedes, Temujen takes advantage of the group’s distraction and his own Entangle spell to kill Mikmek, as like all Gnomes he bears a special hatred for the draconic pests.

A fierce and long argument breaks out, many of the group not aware that Kobolds are evil by nature. The death of Mikmek nearly forms a schism until the truth about Kobolds is told by the Gnome – how unceasing acts of hostility against Gnomes and Halflings have turned Kobolds into monsters in their minds. A story about Gnome babies being eaten by Kobolds comes out, and both Clare and Ithus decide that an alliance with the Kobolds may not be in Denroth’s best interest. Given Sparksand’s own draconic heritage they work on a new plan to possibly install Sparksand as the Kobold’s new leader and drive them or lead them away from the region.



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