Kingmaker: Guardians of the Greenbelt

The Rivet Lord Falls

The Guardians clear the northern Greenbelt

15 Gozren After reinforcing Oleg’s trading post and training/arming what able-bodied migrants are available, the Guardians were able to repel an Orcish attack of 16 boar-mounted orcish raiders and 2 Ogres. The Orcish defeat was complete, and the few that fled were quickly run down by Temujin, the fleet-footed Gnomish ranger and his Wolf mount.

During the fight they were assisted by some of the more notable NPC’s, Shorata, the priestess of Calistria, Kesten, the marshall of Southern Rostland, and of course Svetlana Leveton. During the battle, Kesten is killed and Shorata was knocked unconscious. The Guardian’s new sorceror, Talathiel Sparksand, took advantage of her unconsciousness and looted her during the confustion, making off with a wand, some scrolls and gems, and a curious note.

16 Gozren After the battle Svetlana sent off a full report to Restov informing the Swordlords of recent developments and Kesten’s death while the Guardians prepared to launch a final attack on the Rivet Lord’s fortress before he was able to replenish his lost troops. Temujin tans a boar hide.

17 Gozren A storm blows in from the Roof of the World. The PC’s head south, trying to make as best time as they can. Setting up camp for the night, they spot the outline of a giant rook in the lightning-flashed clouds above, heading south.

18 Gozren The storm blows over, and the PC’s push south and reach the banks of the Thorn River. They find a rickety bridge, and most of the party and their mounts successfully cross, however Satarvish loses both his horses to the storm-swollen river below when the bridge collapsed.

19 Gozren The PC’s follow the Thorn river SE and encounter a broad ford where the Thorn river meets the Shrike river.

20 Gozren Suspecting that they are close to the rumored lake to the south and the Rivet Lord’s fortress, they set up a defensive position near the Shrike/Thorn ford and sent Temujin and his wolf south. Temujin finds a crumbling moat-and-bailey style fort squatting on a weathered hill on the banks of a large lake, and spots a few sentries on the walls. He also notes a hunting party of 3 orcs returning to the fort. He returns to the Guardians and makes his report.

21 Gozren The Guardians sneak south and take up a hidden position along the main trail that leads from the fort, hoping to ambush the hunting party that must be making regular forays and any search parties that ensue. They do so with accomplished ease, killing the orcish hunting party and concealing the bodies.

22 Gozren The fort send out former Guardian member Grunk Bonecrusher and two of the Rivet Lord’s lieutenants, an Orc brute named Ox and a human rogue named Dovan-from-Nisroch. The party ambushes them, but Grunks quick barbarian reflexes denies them a quick kill. Instead a quick and spirited fight ensues, but is quickly resolved in favor of the Guardians thanks to a Hold Person placed on Grunk by Ithus Medvyed, the Guardian’s cleric of Erastil. Grunk is summarily executed.

After waiting in vain for additional reinforcements to sally forth, the Guardians decide a head-on approach might be in order. They approach the front gates of the fort, which they note are plain logs bound by rope and attached to the Taldor-built walls of the old fort. They note initially only two orcs manning the walls and Falgrim Sneeg, the the half-orc Brevic traitor. Falgrim disappears to inform the Rivet Lord, and the guardians suppress the Orc guards with ranged fire and attack the gates with vials of acid, creating a gap by dissolving the ropes on one of the logs and pulling it out.

The PC’s note with some dismay that there was a porticullis barring the way beyond the gates, but the gaps in the porticulli were large enough that Temujin was able to get through. Clare de Tremelay, the cavalier, and Satarvish, the fighter, start scaling the walls.

The Rivet Lord, with Falgrim at his side, appears. With the grace, tact and intelligence of a drunken frat boy, the Rivet Lord bellows a challenge and releases his pet, a 5-headed Hydra! The Orc guards chop the binding holding the gate in place and let it fall down, leaving only the Porticulli between the Guardians and a ton of angry serpentine monster. Clare and Satarvish finished scaling the walls, and killed the orcish guards in short order. The Hydra charged, attempting to crush the wooden porticullis and reach the sorceror and druid behind them, but failed.

Ithus remembers a vague bit of druidic lore about Hydras dying if all of their heads are chopped off, so Clare and Satarvish go grimly to work while Temujin harasses the Rivet lord and Sneeg with ranged fire. The Rivet Lords attempts to reciprocate, but he’s so drunk he snaps the cord of his bow.

Clare and Satarvish go to work and with cruel precision and luck manage to sever all five heads before the first severed head could grow back. An amazing feat! Clare does a forward somersault onto the Hydra’s body and charges the Rivet Lord. Telethiel and Satarvish follow suit, with Satarvish falling and Telethiel actually breaking a leg. Much eye-rolling ensued. A fierce melee broke out, with the Guardians hard-pressing the Rivet Lord and his lackey Sneeg. Sneeg falls, and after exhausting his healing magic, the Rivet Lord falls with Telethiel delivering the killing blow!

The Rivet Lord is dead and the fortress is now in the hands of the Guardians!



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