Kingmaker: Guardians of the Greenbelt

The Seeds of Denroth

The PC's nascent kingdom begins to grow.

20 Desnan – The Guardians travel to the suspected location of the Kobold tribe known to be harassing denizens of the regions. In an old, abandoned silver mine named the ‘Oaktop’ they find the Sootscale tribe. The proceed with their plan to interact diplomatically with the Sootscales and attempt to guide them to more remote, uninhabited lands. However, things take an unexpected turn when the Sootscale chief, when presented with ‘Old Sharptooth’, the tribe’s idol, suddenly dashes it to the floor! Raging, the chief guides the rest of the Kobolds with orders to ‘kill the usurper’, who turns out to be a strange, purple-skinned kobold. With a laugh, the kobold sorceror, named ‘Tartuk’, kills the chief with a lightning bolt and then orders the rest of the tribe to kill the Guardians. After a pitched battle, Tartuk is slain and the surviving kobolds flee the mine, the power of their tribe broken forever. The Guardians search the mine and apart from some magical items and some loot, they recover a journal written in Undercommon with a Fly scroll tucked in the back.

21 Desnan – The Guardians travel back to Nettle’s Crossing.

22 Desnan – The Guardians battle Nettles for the right to cross the Shrike. Satarbish takes the point and nearly dies in a desperate mano-a-mano with Nettles while precariously perched on the only line crossing the river. The Guardians prevail, but Ithus is in turn cursed by Nettles.

The party splits up – Sparksand, Satarbish and Ithus cross the Shrike to recover their mounts and make hard for Five Towers. Claire and Temujin head to the Northwest to make the crossing at the Thorn River ford.

Sparksand, Satarbish and Ithus arrive at Five Towers and are greeted with joy by Svetlana and the other migrants. Night falls. Satarbish and Ithus experience vivid nightmares about Nettles. Claire and Temujin, camping out north of the Shike, fend off an assault by three Tatzlwyrms.

23 Desnan – Claire and Temujin arrive back at Five Towers, and a great feast is offered for Guardians! Kingdom planning beginnings in earnest…

24 Desnan DENROTH MONTH 1 (24 Desnan – 23 Serenith)

The Guardians mash out the council of Denroth.

Position Name Appointed Ithus’s Notes
Ruler Ithus
Councilor Brykov An old farmer from Cheliax, but he has the respect and ear of the people. My first choice was Svetlana, but she chose to remain with Brevoy. That may cause problems later, but for now I cannot begrudge her that choice.
General Claire A natural choice, the people find her attractive and heroic. We’ll just keep some tales of her early career under wraps.
Grand Diplomat Loy Rezbin An energetic fellow from Andoran lands. A natural talker.
High Priest Jhod Kavkin The priest of Shelyn. He graciously accepted and is willing to open Denroth’s gates to all religions.
Magister Sparksand His power is growing, and he was almost manic at the thought that he could control the spread of arcane magic in the realm.
Marshal Temujin While I don’t like his mercenary attitude, he was a good choice. He’ll certainly keep the outlands in line, although I don’t want to ponder too long on his methods.
Royal Assassin We didn’t start with one, but got a “friend” of Satarbish’s from Galt to take the position. Lars Ulrich does the work for pay, and is paid by Satarbish. A man to watch out for.
Spymaster Satarbish As much as I dislike this choice, he was the best one. His talents lie in this field and he is a natural. Which makes him all the more suspicious. I don’t enjoy double-thinking my own charter members, but he bears constant and careful watching. While I doubt he aims for clearing us all out, as he prefers to work from the shadows, I cannot safely say he works in our best interest. Ah, well.
Treasurer Priam Agrivar A paladin of Abadar, he was a smart choice for this position. He will ensure our coffers remain full.
Warden Akiros Ismort An ex-marshal from the River Kingdoms. A man of honour and strong ethics, from what I can tell. He should be excellent at keeping Five Towers peaceful.

1 Serenith – 23 Serenith DENROTH MONTH 2

  • The PC’s claim farmland north of Five Towers as well as the ford of the Shrike and the Thorn rivers.
  • The harvest is especially bountiful.
  • A Town Hall is built.

24 Serenith – 23 Erastus DENROTH MONTH 3

  • More land along the Thorn river is claimed.
  • Satarbish and Ithus continue to experience recurring nightmares about Nettles.

24 Erastus – 23 Arodus DENROTH MONTH 4

  • The abandoned gold mine is incorporated into Denroth, increasing revenue and resources.
  • More farmland is alloted and roads are built.

24 Arodus – 23 Rova DENROTH MONTH 5

  • The fangberry region is added and converted to farmland.
  • A mixup in the bureaucracy meant that no taxes were collected this month, however the people rejoiced and loyalty to the Guardians increased.

24 Rova – 23 Lamashan DENROTH MONTH 6

  • No expansion, the kingdom needs to conserve its coin.
  • Tired of the frequent, unending nightmares, the Guardians decide to take action. The grand diplomat, Loy, is sent north to Restov to negotiate for the helm of the Rivet Lord, which is currently in Swordlord Malen Zor’s possession.
  • Satarbish hedges his bet and sends one of his Galtian ‘friends’ up north with orders to recover the helm by force or by guile.
  • Satabish gets the helm from his associate.
  • Loy returns with the unfortunate news that Lord Zor was assassinated, and that the helm was missing. Satarbish produces the helm, incurring deep distrust from the others. The helm is returned to Nettles, and his spirit, finally at peace, returns to the river, freeing the crossing and both Ithus and Satarbish in the process.

24 Lamashan – 23 Neth DENROTH MONTH 7

  • Winter is held off by a sudden spell of good weather, but it cannot last.
  • Denroth does not expand, but is currently self-sustainable.

24 Neth – 23 Kuthona DENROTH MONTH 8

  • Winter arrives in brutal force.
  • Despite this, Denroth expands, claiming the land around the huge sycamore tree north of the Shrike. Future farmland is planned, and a surplus is generated.


24 Kuthona – 23 Abadius DENROTH MONTH 9

  • Denroth does not expand.
  • An assassination attempt was made on Brykov, the Councilor. Although he survives and manages to kill the assassin, he is rattled and subsequently resigns his position. The Guardians find the assassin armed with a Chelaxian dagger, and intrigued, have a spell cast on the body to communicate with its spirit. When asked who sent him, he responds “He holds art in the highest degree.” When asked where he came from, he responds “The city where art lives in one hand and intrigue in the other, and bandits walk the streets.” Responses that the Guardians find vague at best.
  • With Brykov’s resignation, the council gets shaken up a bit. Priam becomes the new Councilor. Sparksand becomes the new Treasurer, and Shorata Pamodae becomes the Grand Magister.

24 Abadius – 23 Calistril DENROTH MONTH 10

  • Satarbish’s spy network reports that two people in Five Towers, and possibly more, have been sending out reports. Secondi D’Alventi, a Chelaxian merchant, has been sending out carrier pigeons to the south. And Shorata has been using Animal Messanger to send reports to the East. The Guardians are curious, and step up observation of these two individuals.
  • The assassination of Lord Zor becomes the matter of an official Brevic inquest, and a special inquisitor is appointed by the Dragonscale throne.

24 Calistril – 23 Pharast DENROTH MONTH 11

  • Spring arrives early, provoking an economic boom.
  • Lord Ithus resolves a property dispute between Secondi D’Alventi and Lixy Parmentir. Secondi wanted a guildhall, while Lixy wants an inn. By cleverly offering a discount on a nearby property, Ithus appeals to Secondi’s greed and Lixy gets the claim.
  • A guildhall is built. Lixy builds a ramshackle inn called the Belching Hydra.
  • A series of mutilations and murders draws the Guardians into a criminal investigation. The culprit is found to be a Kellid tribesman named Kundal who had been staying at the Belching Hydra. The Guardians confront the man, who turns out to be a werewolf, and slay the unfortunate monster.

24 Pharast – 23 Gozren DENROTH MONTH 12

  • Denroth’s 1st anniversary!
  • The Guardians build a pier into the Tuskwater to help with trade and fishing.



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