Ghost, Master Alchemist


Ghost of a Male Human Alchemist

A master alchemist, Bokken settled in the Stolen Lands because he found that the plants and reageants of the land seemed to possess an almost supernatural element that translated very favorably into potions. He and his brother worked together, forming a business that periodically sent batches of potions up north to Restov.

Their contact with the Restov alchemists was a beautiful woman with faint green skin, slightly pointed ears and great beauty. Bokken’s brother, Samuel, fell in love with her but she had only eyes for Bokken. Bokken, in turn, returned her affection but his true love was for his potions. One night, after being spurned by Bokken, her fey heritage broke through and she placed a terrible curse upon him – that he would never find rest, not in this world or the next, until he had crafted the perfect potion. Her rage transformed her, her fey blood surging to the forefront – her skin turned a deep shade of green, her ears became long and pointed and her face became twisted into that of a hag’s. Despondant and horrified at what she had done and become, she fled into the depths of the stolen lands, becoming the creature that locals fearfully referred to as the Old Beldame.

When Samuel returned from Restov and learned of what had happened, he killed his brother in a fit of rage. Insane, he fled into the south while Bokken lingered on as a ghost.

The Guardians found Bokken and out of pity transferred his remains to Oleg’s, where he found an apprentice to serve as his hands and continue his work to find the recipe for the perfect potion.



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