Svetlana Leveton

Marshal of South Brevoy, Brevic Embassador to Denroth


Human Female Expert/Fighter

-Currently appointed Reeve of Oleg’s Trading Post
Superior is Kesten Garess-

Currently appointed Marsha of Brevoy and Brevic Embassador to Denroth
Superior is Swordlord Malen Zor

Widowed, her husband was Oleg Leveton, the former owner of Oleg’s Trading Post. He was killed when he and Svetlana were abducted by the Blood Eye orcs. He was subsequently tortured and killed.

Melancholy, prone to fits of temper and brooding, she was struggling to rebuild her life while trying to maintain order among the migrants to Oleg’s trading post.

Recognizing her superior skills at organization and keeping the peace, as well as her close ties to the Guardians, the Swordlords have promoted her to Marshal and appointed her as the Brevic embassador to Denroth.


Svetlana Leveton

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